A few months ago, no one would have thought that face masks would be a wedding essential.
Certainly as a Wedding Planner I couldn't imagine I would be helping clients find special masks for themselves
and their guests.
Never before has a face mask been a mandatory accessory. 
Guests will need to have face masks too.
Rather than seeing a face mask as a liability to your perfect day.. embrace it.
I've spent hours searching for face masks that aren't only functional but can be everything from elegant
to down right cool be fun, be funky.. most of all be you
Find your style.....
Select masks for yourselves, your bridal party and guests.
Enjoy your shopping experience, you'll be surprised.  I have stocked the store with face masks that can be
monogrammed, embellished with jewels, extraordinary fabrics even accessories that coordinate
Overwhelmed? don't be, as a wedding planner I can help you to coordinate to your style, wedding theme etc.
Just let me know if you need me, ill be here while you shop to answer your questions.
Give me a call, I would be delighted to help.
Thanks for staying safe!


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